Welcome to Garrett Knight Associates

Garrett Knight Associates is a highly specialised international investment management firm. With over a decade's worth of experience in providing our clients with discretionary and advisory portfolio services for private investors, trusts, pension schemes and high net worth investors, we use an expansive array of carefully selected investment products to maintain healthy growth targets.

The main pillar of our investment ethos and the issue that separates us from other companies offering investment management services is our commitment to employee excellence, providing you with the highest level of personalised services. All of our staff listen very carefully to our clients' investment aims, with particular attention being paid to their preferences and interests.

At Garrett Knight Associates we have an extensive insight into market trends in the global economy to help us better understand and adapt to investment opportunities so as to avoid pitfalls and inherent risks. Armed with this information, we are better able to provide our clients an analysis of the markets and the investment opportunities that can be gained from them.

We have an impressive history of selecting the right investment from a broad range of asset classes, and our in-depth research is crucial in providing high returns on capital. Using state-of-the-art investment strategies, our clients enjoy excellent returns on their capital.

By placing high emphasis on delivering superior returns as we build value, this in turn creates trust. Our client-motivated approach is always planned with a sturdy corporate ethos to provide the best platform for our clients intent on obtaining the best.

Over the years, we have acquired an exceptional reputation among our clients for providing some of the foremost strategic advice and operational implementation, repeatedly exceeding expectations.