Private Clients

At Garrett Knight Associates, our goal is to assist our clients in reaching their financial goals and to grow their wealth. Our managers are experts in their field who are continually adjusting and controlling risk for each asset class to maintain a stable balance according to a client's risk profile. Our approach to investing is, first and foremost, guided by a client's goals, and the key to success lies in assessing and managing risk by using the most advanced tools we have at our disposal.

We provide comprehensive wealth and investment management services, accommodating all levels of risk. Our private client managers encourage strong client relations to tailor our investment strategies to their requirements, drawing on our vast experience and expertise in asset specialisation and research. Depending on the level of client objectives, either in income growth or capital conservation, Garrett Knight Associates has the best available tools to accurately and successfully guide them in sound investment decision-making.

Our managers work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and objectives that is then set out in an asset allocation framework that forms the basis of an investment overview, after which we provide them with our full range of wealth management solutions to suit their individual investment needs.

We understand that each client's situation is unique and that the primary objective is to achieve financial security and asset growth, whether investors are planning for their children's college education, saving for retirement or for any other financial objective. Our commitment lies in providing our clients with flawless financial advice to deliver a broad range of investment options.

We achieve this by identifying and implementing the most suitable investment solution, given a client's financial circumstances and available capital they have at their disposal, the level of risk tolerance they are prepared to accept, the investment objectives they have in mind and the time horizon on whether it is to be a short- or long-term investment.

Following a process of risk profiling and potential asset allocation, our managers will then walk clients through various options that best serve them using a customised approach. We then establish guidelines for balancing diversification needs with risk-adjusted rates of return. All of our tactical recommendations are taken with respect to the fast-changing financial climate.

Our investment priorities are:
  • To offer personalised investment strategies to our private clients;
  • Devising unique solutions across a broad range of asset classes;
  • Provide the best guidance investment planning;
  • Conducting business in a stable investment environment to ensure our clients assets are secure;
  • Transparent and total openness in all our client dealings;
  • Provide clients with a personal service and close communications.