Investment Process

Our investment process has been designed to ensure that every client has a clear understanding of the investment objectives they have in mind and the risk profile they are looking for, as this will be the cornerstone of determining the asset management process.

As soon as we know what a client's investment objectives are, we formulate an investment strategy that is the best suited to their requirements. Following an agreement on the investment path a client wishes to follow, we look at asset allocation, either in the short, medium or long term, so that we are best able to advise them on what would be the most suitable investment strategy.

Once we have decided on a suitable asset allocation strategy, we invest in funds in specific asset categories and industry sectors, which will be constantly managed and adjusted according to analysis of evolving market conditions. An on-going dialogue with our clients is essential to ensure that changes in their circumstances result in revising their investment plan. Our specialist investment managers all have sound track records of investing in the best performing asset classes.

Our clients have direct access to their investment manager who will supply them with regular updates in response to changes in individual circumstances and market conditions. Investment management is constantly evolving and we ensure clients are given robust and flexible management of their assets.

Our investment process is grounded in the following:
  • Knowledge that with key research initiatives, markets are able to be exploited due to innovation and value creation;
  • Having processes in place that are founded on insightful research and analysis;
  • Sound, profitable investment measured by the ability to make informed, intelligent decisions about the future;
  • The use of set of investment tools and techniques to judge options and opportunities;
  • By observing and analysing company track records, the ability to identify sustained revenue growth through strong management practices, which inflate profitability, value creation and stock price appreciation;
  • That each individual investment program follows the specific needs and objectives of the client;
  • The quest for continual improvement through the self-belief in our abilities.