About Us

Garrett Knight Associates was founded over 50 years ago and during this time we have developed a number of sophisticated investment strategies that has provided us with a strong track record in the delivery of high-quality investment management services to our clients.

Drawing on our core capabilities in asset allocation and portfolio creation, we advise on sophisticated investment solutions and have the resources and experience to capitalise on high-performing investments across various asset classes, geographies and investment styles. We provide our clients with superior investment solutions, while at the same time protecting their assets from any adversarial economic impacts such as price devaluation and inflation.

At Garrett Knight Associates, our focused approach is founded on the belief that investing in a diversified portfolio of high-value stocks has consistently led to the outperformance of market averages. By carrying out rigorous analysis before determining potential, we identify companies with constructive return-to-risk advantages over the market cycle.

Our primary goal is to grow client assets transparently and with low risk. We achieve this through a careful selection process of the right management team to deliver outstanding investment returns and top-quality client services that facilitates the building of an innovative, bespoke service to suit each client's needs.

Our team has a broad range of skills and expertise in asset, fund and wealth management, market strategy management, investment banking and compliance.

Heading Our Team

Charles Gunn – (Chairman)

Charles Gunn is Chairman of Garrett Knight Associates. Charles studied at the London School of Economics before joining Churchill Investment Management Group in 1986 where he was responsible for the implementation of investment policy, asset allocation and client relationship management. Charles has also worked as an investment advisor to Barclays Bank during the 1990s, before joining Garrett Knight Associates in 2004. For the next six years he was instrumental in directing the firm's strategic initiatives, developing growth strategies and client relations. In 2009 he was named Chairman. Charles has 27 years' experience in the industry.

David Crabshaw – (Managing Director and Head of Asset Management)

David Crabshaw is head of asset management at Garrett Knight Associates. Prior to joining us he was the founder of Pinetree Capital Management, an investment advisory firm. Mr. Crabshaw also worked as a market maker and specialist on the Chicago Stock Exchange and was also a senior consultant for KPMG. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst with 20 years of financial industry experience and graduated with honours from the University of Chicago with a master's degree in finance.