Investment Choice

Garrett Knight Associates's approach to investment selection is based on the belief that performance relies heavily on in-depth research and analysis of market fundamentals. To this end, we are firmly committed to offering our clients high returns on their investment.

As such, we are continually carrying out research and benchmarking studies to assess prospects in favoured market sectors to probe beneath the surface of the market to identify trends and to provide insights by exploring prosperous avenues of growth. For all the targeted businesses we research and deem to have outperformed the competition, this involves due diligence.

Our investment strategies vary according to client requirements and a mix of assets. Investment in asset classes is generally a spread of diversified types such as stocks, bonds, commodities and property or, whether or not a client is keen on focusing on a single, "specialist" asset class or "sector-only" options. The general rule is that by having more growth assets in an investment portfolio, the healthier investment potential becomes over the long term, the rate of which will vary according to investment risk.

Another issue for certain clients is ethical investing, where industrial, mining, energy and tobacco stocks are disregarded in favour of technology, health care and cleantech companies as they often fail environmental and health tests. This stock screening involves investing in ecologically safe products that use renewable energy and efficient manufacturing processes. However, socially responsible investing does mean that some of the more lucrative opportunities are often overlooked, even with companies that have strong fundamentals and are trading highly profitably.

However, whether in cleantech or otherwise, Garrett Knight Associates selects companies that almost always have products or services that have distinguishing, innovative features, which has given them a strategic competitive advantage to outperform their rivals. We also only concentrate on companies we know to have highly skilled management teams with the ability to achieve high growth targets.

We work closely with our clients to develop the right investment management strategy that is handled by our leading fund managers to suit almost every need, whether for the short, medium or long term. We build our investment management process around our clients that take into account risk mitigation and socially responsible investment strategies.

Our philosophy is to invest in companies that outperform and beat the market in an undervalued or inefficient market sector, a change of management or where share prices are overweight, rather than employing complex metrics to assess growth patterns. One specific focus is on trends, such as the shale gas boom, clean energy, water management and growth in emerging markets.

But we are not purely interested in evaluating individual companies and market sectors, we also take into account our expectations of the global economy as a whole and of individual nations and carry out a fundamental analysis of all the factors that could affect an investment's performance.

When choosing an investment strategy, we take into account the following criteria:
  • The client's age;
  • What level of investment risk are they prepared to consider;
  • The length of time before a client needs to be able to access their funds;
  • Their retirement goals, if any.